ACTP | ICF Accredited Coach Training Program | ACTP Coaching (2023)

BE | MBA | EdM | SCPC | IND: +91 9930220786; USA: +1 (978) 822-0786
• Proven team builder and certified business coach, with powerful interpersonal and communication skills, dedicated
to fostering a working environment that encourages creativity, collaboration and enhances team performance
• An operations and strategy expert having 14 years of cross-cultural & cross-functional experience with companies
like Accenture, Audi, Google, Microsoft, non-profits, and education startups
• Result-driven leader focused on meeting core business KPIs including revenue generation, customer satisfaction,
customer and employee retention, cost-saving, program development, and quality control
• Hands-on manager, with a successful track record in building & executing strategies, operations & finance
management, spearheading technology projects, process reengineering, and analytics
• An aptitude for addressing & cultivating diversity-worked in 8 countries, 5 industries, and 6 business functions
Core Competencies: Operations Management, Life and Business Coaching, Strategy Design, Team Building, Process
Optimisation, Technology Transformation, Business Intelligence & Analytics, Customer Satisfaction & Retention

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Work Experience

Vice President(Core Programs) Medha Learning Foundation, Lucknow India (2022-Present)
• Spearheading a team of 120 to train 6000 students annually while identifying learning & development needs for the
team at various levels of the program team and Acquiring talent & motivating the field team
• Creating and execute strategy for reaching target impact without compromising on the quality of the program
• Establishing strong mentoring, coaching and monitoring to ensure mission-aligned execution that is timely, onbudget and standardising documentation and reporting at all the levels – area, cluster, and head-office
• Driving data culture within the operations team by focusing on data-driven reviews
• Monitoring the implementation of core programs across the clusters and problem solving
Management Consultant (Programs) Multi-client (YearUp, LMI, Whittle), USA (2016 – 2021)
• Managed multiyear, multimillion-dollar projects focused on Customer Relationship Management(CRM), business
intelligence, infrastructure, and monitoring to support 225 employees and more than 40K customers
• Launched pilot programs and managed finance & personnel for projects worth $20M based on business &
curriculum, pedagogy, technology strategy, investments plans; and achieved savings of 18% on the overall budget
• Managed communications with more than 1500 students, 2800 parents at 4 global campuses and consolidated data
• Achieved 82% project delivery success and 99% Service Level Agreement (SLA) adherence
• Trained end customers, sales, operations, finance, HR, leadership, business analytics teams on product and processes
• Created an organisation-wide training program and community of practice for Business Analysis and Project
Management to deliver a robust and standardised language and tools, reduced project redundancy by 30%
• Mapped business processes exhaustively and visualised bottlenecks in student recruitment cycle; reduced marketing
budget by 35% and Increased market penetration (student–click to enrol) by 50 % for YearUp
• Developed a technology improvement strategy aligned with Lantheus’ growth strategy – achieved 3M USD annual
savings and growth of business by 5% annual increase in revenues
Business Head (Operations and Strategy) Audi, Gurgaon IND(2015 –2016)
• Led India’s biggest Audi after-sales unit, increased after-sales throughputs by 50%, customer retention by 20%,
revenues by 40%, and reduced repeat repairs by 22% to achieve 3-fold growth in profitability
• Achieved highest levels of customer service, improved satisfaction scores from 65% to 84% within 6 months
• Controlled company-wide quality compliance, managing multi-layered stakeholders (Audi India, Audi Germany,
Volkswagen India, Volkswagen finance, and Volkswagen Germany), and achieved 95% audit scores year on year
• Created an exhaustive 253 step process map of the entire business, recommended & implemented process gaps
mitigation project (ONCORE) to achieve a 20M increase in new revenue & 35% increase in brand retention
• Built 5-year business strategy based on market analysis and customer & business data analysis; projected potential
4x growth by cross-pollination and predictive customer mapping and highlighted potential risks
• Conducted recruitment drives, designed KPIs and induction plans, delivered orientation/training sessions
• Proposed and Led technology transformation projects - CRM, Reporting, Inventory & digitisation (Qlikview, SFDC,
Docuvity, Etc.) Microsoft Office 365, and other SaaS solutions like AXELA and real-time monitoring tools
• Spearheaded Salesforce & ERP sales & service teams, acted as the primary point of contact for vendor-user support
Management Consultant(Business Development & Operations) Amslink Edu. Hanoi VN (2012–2013)
• Managed life cycle of 11 projects focused on operations improvement and cross-functional communication
• Research & development of 2 new categories of products, created price advantage (20% less) to penetrate the
market and achieved 100% Increased revenues in first 6 months and increase in customer base by 20%
• Critically evaluated complex information gathered from multiple market sources to design and implement effective
solutions by using ERP technology platforms and automation tools
• Created project documents (Business Case, Functional/Non-Functional Requirements, User Stories/Use Cases, etc.)
• Initiated, customised, and deployed Moodle (Educational ERP) based on business and stakeholder needs analysis
Duty Manager (People Supply Chain) Converges-Microsoft, Gurgaon India (2010–2011)
• Managed resources and resolved resource constraints, real-time system data analysis (120 engineers)
• Project coordinator and single point of contact for all stakeholders, designed & delivered 3 stage-training programs
for project’s new employees, implemented effective frontline re-structuring to save 1800 man-hours per month
• Gathered and analysed customer feedback, developed & implemented customer satisfaction improvement action
plan to reduce customer escalations by 30% and achieve 100% SLAs with Microsoft
• Assisted Team Manager for Technology Service Operations and Supply Chain. Gather and write product
requirements, conceived systems architecture, product design, develop roadmap & support strategy MS windows
• Designed and delivered training and development programs based on the needs of project and frontline engineers
Software Engineer Accenture, India/USA (2008–2010)
• Performed black-box testing & user acceptance testing, supported all stages of the software-development life cycle
(SDLC), reduced errors in the code by 40% worked on technology/frameworks like – Struts-Portal, MVC, and SQL
• Collaborate with cross functional teams (business owners, developers, QA, client facing groups, etc.) to manage the
entire project lifecycle and proactively supported system improvements by analysing customer feedbacks
• Developed web applications for Nokia and AT&T; achieved 100% delivery on end-user experience requirements

Other Projects

Co-founder Education India Initiative – Harvard (2019 – 2020)
• Launched the student organisation to leverage the skills of all students of Indian origin studying at different schools
of Harvard University. Build a resource-sharing community, invite industry experts, and placement organisations
• Helped a budget private school (800 Students) – ‘Ayesha Ali Academy’ (Kashmir) by providing pro-bono
consultation on technology infrastructure, curriculum development and teacher training
• Led India trek of 20 Harvard students organised meeting with 15 political, social, and educational leaders in 5 cities
Consultant Intern (Vendor Operations) Google, Ireland (2012 – 2012)
• Analysed statistical data from 3 vendors & 5 competitors, proposed process re-engineering solutions focused on
automation & centralisation of vendor operations and implemented these recommendations to save 1250 man-hours
• Performed escalations analysis to understand the types of escalations and found solutions to reduce escalations
Co-Founder (Fundraising, Team Management, and Public Awareness) Yukti, India (2007 –2010)
• Managed accounting, financial review, and revenues for non-profits and led fundraising campaigns – generated
more than INR 3 million and achieved 80% school enrolment for street children
• Scaled the team of volunteers from 3 to 45 and provided leadership training to staff and board members

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Coach Transformation Academy (ICF Rg.) Sr. Certified Coach (Life & Business) 2020-2021
Harvard Graduate School of Education, USA Ed.M. (HPL-How People Learn) 2019-2020
Harvard Extension School, USA Sustainability Leadership 2017-2017
Smurfit Business School, Ireland MBA (International Business) 2011-2012
ITM, India BE (Computer Science) 2004-2008

Technology & Certifications

Software/ERPs: Salesforce, Microsoft DMS, SAP, WebXL, COTs, AXELA,
Modeling Tools: MS Visio, Enterprise Architect, iThoughts (Mind-mapping), Prezi
Office and other tools: MS Office Suite, MS-Project, SAS, Excel Analysis, Office365
Certifications: Sr. Certified Coach (CTA-ICF), MIT Certified Application Developer,
Certified Business Analyst AMCAT, International Institute of Business
Analysis (IIBA) member, Teaching Higher Education in 21st century,
TEFL(Teaching English as a Foreign Language)
Sanjul Ashok Bhakri

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Mr. Stalin Sunny
Chief Executive Officer
Sunsta International
Senior Certified Professional Coach
Coach Transformation Academy - Dubai
Qualified with Master’s Degree in Marketing Management (MMM) from Welingkar Institute Mumbai, along with MDP, “Advance Programme in Strategy for Leaders” from IIM Lucknow (Indian Institute of Management), also Senior Certified Professional Coach from Coach Transformation Academy - Dubai, presently serving with Sunsta International a Business Consulting Firm, as Chief Executive Officer, having 20+ years of diverse exposure to Sales, Marketing, Business Development, Profit and Loss Management & Operations in the luxury real estate segment, with Developers Like Lodha Group, Hiranandani Group, Ahuja Group, Indian Express Group and worked in different domains of Sales, Operations and Customer service for telecom, Vodafone Mumbai. During the last stint with Vodafone was managing key banking and financial clients with excellent CXO relations, like HDFC Group, SBI Group, IDFC Group, LIC of India, Fullerton India etc. Stalin Sunny not only delivered excellent results at new product launches, but also spring-board sales growth with diversification strategies for projects where results were very slow at sustenance stages. He is excellent at Planning and Executing New Business Opportunities, Product Development, Positioning, Brand Building, Marketing, Sales (Channel Sales, Digital, Events/ Exhibitions etc), Corporate Communication, and Customer Relations. Helped Vendors like Hinduja TMT and Andromeda Pvt Ltd seƫ ng up outsourced operational call centre for Vodafone, manage SLA and Expansions. Being an asset to the Organisation, Ahuja Group had invested in Stalin Sunny and sponsored a Special Workshop on “Negotiation Skills in Business” by Prof Deepak Malhotra from the Harvard Business School, specializing in Negotiation and Conflict Management. Stalin Sunny with experience and by updating himself with various Books, Trainings and Workshops, mastered on Leadership styles, People Management skills and performance enhancement, by renowned Trainers like Ms Priya Kumar, Mr. Prakash Rohera, Franklin Covey Training & Consulting LLP etc. He is also a certified Trainer, “Train the Trainer” programmed by Dale Carnegie. With his innate business acumen and vast experience, he can bring about precise impetus in pivoting strategy to harness guaranteed result for an organization at a crucial stage when the key call needs to be taken. On the Social front, Stalin Sunny is a part of Rotary Club, while serving as President of the Rotary Club of Chennai Upscale, Rotary International, under his leadership the clubs has adopted 3 government schools of backward communities and a Destitute Girl child home, to ensure hygiene, nourishment and education quality is best maintained, They have conducted many vocational and community service activities at villages and “Slum Clearance Board” houses, also installed and donated 100+ toilets at villages with the help of funds raised through CSR. He is also a member of Freemason, and continues to do many social service activities through Freemasonries. Loves travelling, feels happy to connect with people and society; he consistently looks for avenues to contribute towards nation’s transformation and growth.

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