How to find true happiness in life forever. (2022)

Do you ever find yourself thinking: What is my purpose in life? What do I have to do or buy to find true happiness in life? Who do I put my hope in, to feel happy? What is true happiness? It is everyone’s desire to be fulfilled and happy in life, yet we never get there. A video on how to find true happiness in life can be found at the end of this article.

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Some of us put our hope in money. We feel that if we can buy a new car or have a big house or (put in your shopping addiction here), happiness will come to us. Though I agree that money can buy us a lot of things to live a comfortable life, but it will never give us what we truly seek after.

Some of us seek fulfilment in relationships. We go from one partner to another in search of true happiness, only to find out that it still evades us. Even our parents, spouses, and children will never be able to give us true happiness in life.

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Some of us take to drugs, lust, alcohol, sex, and porn (Get rid of porn) to give us a temporary false sense of joy and peace. We then awake the next morning, still feeling depressed, anxious, and unfulfilled.

Some stay late in the office, hoping to do better at work, or get a promotion or move up the corporate ladder, in search of true happiness. We often think that a better job will make us happy, but once we get that dream job, we are back at square one.

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We often hold on to certain sins and addictions and pursue other means to fill our voids and cover-up our depression, sorrow, and anxiety. Our world has a very wrong idea of happiness. We are constantly bombarded with products and ideas that wrongly claim to give us joy. So how do we achieve true happiness in life? Where do we look and whom do we seek it from?

You can only find true happiness in Jesus Christ.

Jesus is the answer to finding true happiness in life. He is the only person who will never betray, hurt, or disappoint you. He does not accuse you, nor does he condemn you. He took care of your sins on the cross. He is the bread and living water from heaven.

We are all created by God. We were created to have fellowship with Him. There is a special bond between God and his children and we can never be fulfilled by anyone or anything but by God Himself. Jesus the Son of God has reconciled us to our father. If you are seeking true happiness in your life, I encourage you to ask the LORD Jesus Christ to come into your life.

Jesus delights to forgive you. He is the only source of true happiness. You may have everything, but without Jesus, your life will always be empty. Our souls will never rest in peace unless we are reconnected back to God. The answer to the question: How to find true happiness in life forever is directly related to your relationship with Jesus.

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I urge you to invite Jesus into your life and see the change for yourself. Once you have God in your life, your relationships with your family will get better and stronger. You will know your purpose in life. You won’t need drugs and all the other idols in your life. Call upon the Lord during trials in your life and He will fill your heart with love, grace, joy, and peace.

Happiness is truly a gift from God and in Him ONLY can it be found. So stop searching and seek God. Make Jesus the center of your life and happiness will surround you forever. “He that handleth a matter wisely shall find good: and whoso trusteth in the LORD, happy is he” Proverbs 16:20

There are many articles on happiness online that give you tips on finding inner happiness. Some tell you to think happy, think positive, or make more friends or pursue new interests or hobbies. Some tell you to find happiness within yourself, or do yoga or meditate to find true happiness.

If you think those things will help you find happiness in your life then go ahead and try them. But from personal experience, I guarantee you will still be looking for true happiness. As I have mentioned before, It is only God, our creator who can fill this void.

How to find true happiness in life? – Look to Jesus

Remember, God wants you to be fully happy. He wants to see you fully alive. Once you come back to Jesus and accept His forgiveness and eternal love, your whole heart and being will then know what true happiness is all about.

There are laws God has given us. These laws are meant to bring us joy. God is our creator, He knows us and what makes us happy. All His commandants are designed to find true joy.

How to find true happiness in life – To do list

– Give to the poor.

– Follow Jesus every day.

– Love God with all your mind, heart and body.

– Help a neighbour.

– Feed the hungry.

– Clothe the poor and naked.

– Sacrifice for others.

– Be righteous in all that you do.

– Stand against hate, violence, and racism.

– Love your enemies and do good to them.

– Be a good example to your spouse and children.

– Do not cheat others.

– Praise God and give Him all the glory.

– Forgive others if they have hurt you.

Prayer for others all the time.

– Spend time with the orphans and widows.

– Spend time with your family and pray together daily.

– Be thankful for what you have and thank God every day.

– Be quick to forgive and slow to anger.

– Seek to be reconciled to those who you have hurt.

Teach your children the ways of the LORD.

Show compassion and do not seek revenge.

– Be selfless and not selfish.

Speak the truth in love and lie not.

– Wait on the Lord and put every life decision at His feet.

– Leave your past behind and trust in the Lord for a brighter future.

– Let the Holy Spirit comfort you always.

– Meditate on the word of God.

– Ask God for wisdom, knowledge, guidance and His will for your life.

Do not stress or worry, but trust in Jesus for all your needs.

– Enjoy life, make good godly friends, go out, invite friends over and cook for them. Put on the spirit of hospitality.

– Take a Christian vacation or cruise.

– Rejoice in times of sorrow and hardship knowing that God has everything under His control.

– Run away from evil and run towards Jesus.

How to find true happiness in life – Video

This is a short video on how to find true happiness in life forever with Jesus. Remember God is the source of true everlasting happiness and apart from Him there is none. In the end, it is only your personal relationship with Jesus Christ that will bring you true everlasting happiness.

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God bless,
Mind On Jesus

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